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Jumeirah Bay Sea House
Young Architects Competitions

The essence of the design of this project lies in its curved and wavy gesture that serves as a motif that shapes the villa. It also serves to give each program a unique space and experience, and most importantly to provide an immersive 180 degree view of outdoors  to the spaces facing the beach side. The gesture of curvatures vaguely mimics the sea life and the shape of the island the villa is sitting on, making it a very unique and specific to the context. Some programs that are facing the neighboring lots, take an advantage of the curves and feature a pop-out windows that face the beach side. Accessibility for the handicapped is greatly considered in this project, providing an elevator from the basement up to the roof, and ramps on the entrance  and  also on the pool side. The second floor has a spacious bedroom for the handicapped that features a walk-in closet, accessible bathroom, and a terrace.  Front entrance of the villa provides two outdoor parking spaces, as well as a car lift that takes to the underground garage with three parking spaces. To illuminate the overall interior  with ambient lighting and to provide an access to circulate air, a 50 sq. meter  open-air garden was placed in the center of the villa. Above all, this project has been designed to be a home and create many memorable moments for the family that will be living in it.

June 2022

Solo Competition Entry

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