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Traveler's Hut
MOA Design & Build Competition

Route 66 is a home to so many ghost towns, which contain abandoned stores, homes, service  stations, and automobiles. As the Mother Road is experiencing its decay, this project hopes to give some of the abandoned artifacts a new life. The project proposes reusing abandoned materials that are still in tact - structural beams, pipes, automotive parts, doors, car seats etc. - all of which will be sourced from nearby locations along Route 66. The main goal is to reuse materials which will result in a low budged project, while also representing deserted Route 66 and embracing its eccentric, raw personality that  welcomes everyone around the World. Car seats will be reused to serve people who want to sit and take a breather. Car grilles will be re-used as railings. Fridge and lights will be powered by PV panels that are installed on the second level tower.


The project setup time is estimated to be no longer than 4 weeks as it utilizes ready-made materials and is relatively lightweight.


The collaborative approach of the project is based on using different items and artifacts that once served different homes, cars, service stations and motels, that come together to become not only a resting spot for motorists, but also a new icon of Route 66.


Traveler’s Hut will be a resting spot/installation that will serve motorists and travelers from all around the world that come to see America’s Highway. This Route 66 sanctuary will be a destination where travelers can donate their snacks, sodas, food in the fridge for others who may need to recharge for the road. Books, gadgets, maps, memories can be left on the shelves for the next round of travelers who stop by.


The project will serve as a hut that provides shade and humble amenities for people to use in this sunny climate. PV panels will make use of sunny weather of the Arizona desert and make Traveler’s Hut a self-sufficient rest spot. The design will make a use of minimal amounts of materials and reuse existing materials to build, resulting a less impact on its environment. This project came as a perfect opportunity for me to apply my ideas that I have been accumulating over the years since I’ve started my interest in Route 66 and its culture. As frequent Route 66 traveler, an artist, and an architecture student, this project has allowed me to merge it all together. While traveling through America’s Highway, I always thought to myself - What if all the abandoned homes, trailers, muscle cars laying alongside the Route could one day be re-used to make something meaningful? A spot to unwind yourself on a highway that lacks areas to rest, an installation that embraces the road’s rawness and its desolate but  otherworldly landscape, and a monument that represents a cultural and historical  significance of Route 66 that stands for care-free road trips, motor culture, and a search for a new life.

July 2022

Solo Competition Entry

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